Welcome to XERSRADIO.com          webcasting around the world
 from Pleasant Valley!    
Here is a current schedule
of our weekly shows:
Monday night 6pm EDT  "The Michiana Scene" 
with Mel Williams (local music/interviews)
Wednesday night 6pm EDT  "Through The Deep Tracks"
with Bill McDonald (this week in music history)
Thursday night 6pm EDT  "Life As Art, Also"
with Chris and  Mike "The Gint" Ginter 
    Friday night 6pm EDT  "The Cheap Seats"  
         with Steve Willis & Steve Determan (sports)    
               Saturday 9pm EDT "Funk - n- Groove"                      with Deanna Lynn Bennett  (funk/R & B)
Sunday 10am EDT  "Beatle Brunch"      
Weekdays 10am EDT 
"The Nooner"
with Jason Roose (talk/variety/rockin' your ear holes)
Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday nights 11pm EDT
"Radio Classics"
Tune In!

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